Now Straight from the Cow is offering local home delivery

Straight from the Cow at Carpenters Hill Farm

Welcome to our new online shop. Most of our products are home grown or produced on our small, family run farm. We pride ourselves on  producing high welfare, top quality produce sold directly from our farm shop in Beoley or now direct to your door.

Excellent quality meat and produce, best I've experienced in the area. Hidden gem.

Adventure Fitness

Very friendly welcome. Produce is excellent, we bought the yogurt today and can't believe how fresh it tasted, just like the one my mum makes! The milk has a lovely layer of cream at the top and the egg yolks are really yellow. Thank you for the service you provide

Jasvinder Bharj

We visited this lovely farm shop 2 weeks ago and were so impressed with the produce. I would highly recommend them. Rob was very friendly when serving us and Heather was  great with her communication when I was enquiring about their opening hours.

Lisa and Brian